Since restorations are our specialty, we put this section seperate from our standard repairs.
I often find it difficult to remember to keep snapping pictures while I am at the bench. I will try to pay more attention and get some more good pictures of what I do up here, because the pictures speak for themselves. In the mean-time, please check out the pages above! My goal in my craft is to combine the components of historical accuracy, playability and the customer's wishes and pocket book. I will take the time to explain your options and give you a price quote before you leave our shop.
I cannot tell you how fantastic my D-18 is and how extremely happy I am with it. I can truthfully say that it has never in its history ever been as fabulous to play as it is now. Sarah, you are truly an artist/genius. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!! -Judy Thomas-FL.
Shit, I'm very impressed! -Bill "Doc" Larson-VA.
“When I brought my inherited 1974 D12-18 in for the repairs I thought it needed, I became depressed upon learning it also required a neck reset, the added cost of which I was unprepared.  But, I had that and everything else done because this guitar holds much sentimental value and it was well worth it!  Bil’s refinishing job rivals the finish of a new Martin 18, and after Sarah’s neck reset/refret it now plays like butter!   I haven’t been able to put it down.   The best testimonial of all, however, may be from the missus who, otherwise indifferent to my guitars, commented more than once how amazing it looks and sounds. Thanks so much Sarah and Bil!” -Mark Budig-NJ.
Bravo, Sarah. I can't put the little guitar down. I'll bet the original owner felt the same way a hundred or more years ago. You did an amazing job! I'm sure the guitar hasn't played like this since it was first built. I know who to call for guitar repairs. Many thanks! -Rodger-Iowa
I never thought I'd see my guitar in playable condition again, I'm so grateful to you-I can't even find adequote words to convey my feelings- many, many thanks!!- Ray Harbison- KY.
Sarah, the work you did on my mandolin is just wonderful. The cosmetics, tone, and playability are all spot on!- Curt Roseman- NJ.
Hi Sarah,    Just wanted to let you know that the new baby is coming along fine.  She is adjusting to her new home and getting sweeter and more responsive every day.   Thanks! -Dodge Whipple-PA.
Hi Sarah,Thanks for spending time last Saturday talking guitars with me in your great shop along the “Floody River”.  And my wife, though not a guitar nut, enjoyed her visit and a chance to “bird talk” with you. I finally got around to spending some time last night with my D-18 G.E. that Sarah worked on last Saturday.  In a word, her set-up job was fantastic!  I was a bit worried that lowering the action so much (to the measurements I provided) might cause some annoying buzzing.  But nothing so far, even when using a pretty aggressive pick attack.  And it’s now playable above the 5th fret!  Still sounds like a Martin, too.So thanks again, Sarah, for doing a great job.  If I have any more luthier work, I’ll surely be back. -Larry Martz-NJ.
Thank you so much for the wonderful work on my Whyte Laydie banjo. It plays as well as it did when I first received it and probably better than new in c. 1918.I can see your attention to detail in your work and appreciate your cleaning the instrument up without affecting any of the character of the age or finish.-Tom Devine-PA.
Sarah, you made a monster out of my guitar. -Farmer-NJ.